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11th Apr, 2016

xkcd giraffe

this is why you should not live where there are trees

See below: a 100% accurate summary of my morning:

And it's only 07:20, kids!

(And hat and coat weather outside. Ew. Maybe the weather wants me to get over my hat hangups.)

7th Mar, 2016

xkcd giraffe

Much Better Than Bob's

I finally got around to listening to the Hidden Almanac because [personal profile] bookblather was posting about doing the same. I don't know how it took me so long since I've been a fan of KUEC all this time, but I'm glad I did. It was a little weird to get into at first because all I could think was "This is Kevin's voice. This is Kevin. At some point he is going to talk about beagles" but you get over that eventually.

It is delightfully weird in that way that Ursula Vernon's work always is. Each episode is really short, just a few minutes long, but that means that it's easy to catch up on the giant backlog, and also that you can sneak one in whenever you have a bit of time spare. Or several. I dare you to stop at one. I dare you.

Poke if you like weird history, weird saints, weird gardening, and used car salesman rising from the grave to threaten their business rivals in the sponsor messages. And Kevin's voice, which is the definition of relaxing.

16th Jan, 2016

xkcd giraffe

That's it, I'm quitting sleep

I had this dream last night.

I was walking through all these dramatic landscapes. A forested path, a cliffside meadow, crossing a stormy canyon, all with sweeping, epic visuals. And then, a voice booms out of the sky... and the dream turns out to be an ad for the latest version of Windows with shiny graphics.

To which, in-dream, I started ranting at the ad-voice about wtf was it doing in my dream WE DO NOT GET ADS IN OUR DREAMS THIS IS NOT FUTURAMA.

I've had a few self aware/fourth wall breaking dreams before, but that one takes the entire cake shop.

22nd Dec, 2015


This Tortoise Could Save a Life

Watch the tortoise! Plus, he's so cuute. You nom that strawberry, little tortoise.

11th Sep, 2015

xkcd giraffe


I did some more screwing around with my Neocities page. It has a links section now. LIKE IT'S 1999.

I guess some people would say there's no need for links anymore because we have better search engines than we used to. And I guess that's right. But I think sometimes links can show you stuff you might never have found otherwise. They bring me back to my earliest experiences with the internet, hanging out in internet cafes ~1998, squeezing as much time as I could out of my money. It was mostly Petz sites. Hopping from one to the other, it felt like exploring a multitude of little worlds. That's what links are good for. You're not driving down a motorway, you're exploring a little trail through the woods. You don't know where you'll end up, but it's fun to find out...

(And contrary to popular belief, many of them were quite nicely put together. Granted I came in at the tail end of the 90s, when things were starting to get a bit slicker. But still personal.)

That's what I feel like my page is. A little world, all to myself. And yeah, nostalgic. That purple Courier on black look was My Thing back when. But it's also my home now. Sometimes you come across something and you think "yes, this could be my internet home" and this is one of mine. It takes a little more time and effort, but the end result is something that's uniquely yours.

Basically what you all need to do now is make pages so I can link to you and be all LOOK AT THESE COOL PEOPLE.

7th Sep, 2015

xkcd giraffe

NaNo looms...

It felt like summer this afternoon. I got some nice outdoor time. But it comes around this time of year. The weather's a little cooler, the evenings a little darker... and before you know it you're in a coffeeshop, hunched over a keyboard, while about thirty other people do the same, and the caffeine's flowing, and you've barely slept but you don't care...

It's NaNo and there's no getting away from it.

And I think this is the most indecisiveness I've had over a NaNo? I have about three ideas battling it out, nothing developed much beyond a basic premise. I thought I was sure which one I'd pick but last night I became sure again, and I think it'll be down to the wire. Maybe whichever one wants to be written when November rolls around. They're all fun ideas, just I haven't had one in particular jump out and really want to be written.

But it's NaNo time no matter what.

I think I should get some hot chocolate.

12th Aug, 2015

tea rex

Random Chapter 7: Not Once More, But Still With Pirates

Random and Pilcrowe's investigations bring them to a staple of Novembers past and present. Meanwhile. Tildeworth has some advice for the oncoming storm that is Week Two.

"This is literally the worst pirates versus ninjas scene ever," whined Steve the Ninja, in the background.

The hardest thing with Random is balancing the cracky silliness with the serious side of things. I think that's an issue with a lot of these types of story. You don't want to be all grimdark because you're dealing with a silly concept, but nor do you want the silly to overload the fact that you're dealing with what are hopefully rounded characters with fears and hopes.

Semi related I took a trip out last night to see a late showing of Inside Out. So many feels. Sniff. But it's exactly the sort of movie I hope Random is as good as, if that makes sense. The sort of genre that inspired it. Take a weird idea, and make a damn fine story.

9th Aug, 2015

xkcd giraffe

Dimentiara (or: pay me, and you too can have your very own world)

I just completed these as a commission for koobine of his world Dimentiara. Which you should all love because it has monsters. Discovered while drawing this that I've become not half bad at eyeballing climates on a world map. Not sure what to make of that. It's not the most marketable skill in the world.

I love drawing maps but I never get the chance to do them, so when I got this commission I jumped at the chance. And yes, I will do these if you ask all nicely. You want your deserts to go where your deserts should go? Call me. I have a geography qualification and I'm not afraid to use it.

(speaking of which I half want to post these to Cartographer's Guild but but those people are pros who really know their stuff. And I'm shy.)

8th Aug, 2015

xkcd giraffe






4th Aug, 2015


Inquiring minds

Is there a definition of 'pathetic' in which, having realised you're out of tea, you just boil up some plain water and drink that?

(extra definition: it's actually kind of nice)

25th Jul, 2015


Went on a drinks run. Met a dragon.

I go through the park on my way home from town. Tonight was that sort of cool summer moth-filled dusk, and I thought I'd stop by the hedge maze dragon. Cause we have a hedge maze dragon. It felt like the sort of night where he might come alive.

He didn't, but hey. It felt like he could have done.

Mmm I slept forever last night and I needed it.

19th Jul, 2015

father ted (drazzi)

July the nineteenth?

Happy Ice Age ending day, everyone!

(Certainly feels like it out there. I'm going to go pass out in front of the fan.)

16th Jul, 2015

tea rex

the fact that I worked from home today helped, but...

I am so whacked today, thanks to the conference call that would not end. If I find who invented meetings, they are dead at my hands. I swear.

Some stuff:

Moar Ryll. World stuff, new places, plants, animals, and some stuff about the Archetypes (super powerful NPC guys, you no can has, mine all mine, ah ha haaaa, etc).

I'm doing a map commission! Fun!

It struck me when I was adding stuff to the Ryll site that there's got to be a significant drop in people online who've ever made a webpage, or even know how. They probably think of it as some weird, unknowable thing... and that's sad, because HTML is not scary and CSS is not scary. But when I showed some people at work what I was doing while working on some work related pages, they just looked perplexed. Not so long ago, if you were online, you probably knew something. Now... it's just nonsense. It's sad. Doesn't have to be this way... also, I feel old again.

Cool stuff now. I've been on Meetup for a while but to be honest it's kind of worthless when sending me anything I might be interested in. Until recently when I got a note about a starter friendly D&D group starting up in Brighton. I know sod all about D&D apart from what I've picked up from Order of the Stick, but... what the hell. I put my name down, because I wanted to see what it was like. There should be a session on Saturday, if the guy organising it can find a venue. I hope it's fun. I'm nervous and clueless but I know I'd regret it if I didn't give it a try.

I also think I'm the only girl on the confirmed list, but eh, what the hell.

13th Jul, 2015

xkcd giraffe

Random Chapter 6: The Duct Tape Chronicles

I gotta announce these things when they go up. Anyway! Before I go to bed, have another part of a thing, what I wrote.

Chapter summary: Random gets to doing some more science (of the highly scientific sort, of course), and Pilcrowe investigates. Meanwhile, the Personification of Communications is bad at... well, communicating. Also, there's a cat.

"I know it looks like phone jammed into a pile of chopped up kitchen appliances, but that's because it is. But it's also a lot more scientific than that!"

28th Jun, 2015


Dimension Jump: The Adventures of Frankie - Saturday

Friday over here.

This is a bit of a long one so I waffled for a while over the post! In the meantime, the official write up is here! And has been for a while... I'm just being lazy for mine. I also found a write up from another fan that perfectly captures the ahhh how is this happening adrenaline and caffeine fueled madness that is Dimension Jump.

As for my write-up, Saturday's the one full day of the con so this one's long. Here's an expert to tempt you in:

'I had a moment of oh crap oh crap I'm about to ask the co-creator of one of the best TV shows ever to sign a bit of paper tied to a cat's bum, what am I doing and how is this my life? but a guy a few places in front of us got a plastic dinosaur signed. So that's ok then.'

In which I run into people without realising who they are, and ask 'how is this my life?' on an hourly basis.Collapse )

22nd Jun, 2015


Kiarrcat art dump! (plus stats musings)

It's been so long since I posted any kiarrcat stuff, but I should rectify that. I still want to try and set this up as a sort of RP, if I can, but I'm still not sure about the logistics.

Anyway, art first!

The god-host for the Cave species. He's a quiet, solitary type who hangs out in his den full of odds and ends and makes stuff. Often that stuff explodes. Big boom.

MOARCollapse )
Some stats musingsCollapse )

I totally don't have 90s issues, nope.

but look look LOOK what I found chilling in a secondhand place over the weekend.

That's the original, 90s version of Catz. The game series that is the reason I wandered on to the internet in the first place. I would not be who I am without this game.

Your call as to whether or not that's a good thing, but still. It's strange to think of such odd, seemingly things as being pivotal to a person's development, yet it happens.

Other stuff:

-I got a Raspberry Pi! I don't know what I'll use her for yet, but I'm not passing up a cheap emergency backup computer since this laptop is getting on a bit. Her name is Muffins.

-I'm randomly really missing RP again. I don't even know where to GO for good RP. I know Dreamwidth has a strong community, but it seems to skew heavily toward fandom. I guess it's time to get the kiarrcats up and running already. If I can get over my fear of stats anyway!

25th May, 2015

tea rex

(no subject)

I know I'm being super late to the party, but everyone, drop what you're doing and go see Home right away because it is amazing. I decided to go on a whim because I'd heard good things about it, and I was sick of never seeing Dreamworks stuff in the cinema and later on finding out they'd done another great film with bad advertising. Don't regret it one bit. I cried so much.

Every day is best day ever.

Other stuff, I'm trying to get my doll art out and around more places, so I brushed the dust off the G+ account I got shoved into creating. Clicky. Seems a reasonable place and I figured I should get around to using it since they dropped their legal name only rules last year. Which, by the way, I'm very grateful for. It's good to see somewhere get rid of a harmful policy despite the cried of "wahhh trolls."

Was still pretty miffed to find that it whined at me when I put up "Leopardcorgi Creatures" as a name that I wasn't getting "the best experience" or some such crap. Same when it complained that my profile picture didn't include a face. You can ignore the "warnings" but I still found it pretty rude to suggest such things. For me, an internet full of legal names is nowhere near the best experience. Try telling that crap to the scared teenager I used to be, who ventured online and began to find out who they really were when they weren't just a bullied schoolkid. Again, I seriously appreciate backing down on the name rules, but the warning rides right over years of online culture and honestly, makes me feel a bit displaced. As if a bunch of strangers just muscled into my home...

I was also pretty alarmed to find a photo tagging feature, but very relieved that I could turn that crap off rather than have to manually untag things. Less impressed by the fact that I stumbled upon that setting by accident. Something like that should be obvious. And man do I get bored with uncustomisable pages. White and grey boxes, everywhere. How dull.

Aside from that it seems pretty good and usable at least...and honestly most of my gripes are with current social media design trends all over rather than G+ specifically... so I'll at least keep on going there for now, and I could see myself continuing to use it. Happy to say hi there if you like!

14th May, 2015


who needs colour theory anyway

clicking randomly through reocities because my hands are cramping up too much to do more. (physio appt in June, can't come fast enough)

start to wonder, since it was very much rusty's first internet fandom, 'hey, how long before I find a petz site?'


it's so blindy... but also kind of weirdly beautiful? eh, I guess you had to be from that era. but I do think it's sad hardly anyone makes pages anymore. they have so much personality.

(hint hint - you should try neocities, it's awesome. 20 megs free hosting, html, css, js, nowt else. go nuts and have fun. I made one, you should too.)

11th May, 2015

tuxedo cat

Dimension Jump: The Adventures of Frankie - Friday

I was sorting through photos and realised no way was I going to fit all of them in one go and have something readable. So I'll split out the con report into days. Friday, here we go.

Things I heave learnt:

  • Soft shoes are a must. Otherwise bad things happen. Bad, painful things.

  • The East Midlands still have terrible mobile reception.

  • Yes you can subsist for an entire weekend on Greggs ham and cheese sandwiches.

  • My mum's special talent is "missing Danny by just this much."

It's mainly postersCollapse )

4th May, 2015

tuxedo cat

I'm baaaack

I had an awesome time and so did Frankie! 2/10 mechanoids agree, she has a lovely bum.

I take back every fear I had about cons, it was the best weekend ever and I can't wait for the next one... but right now I'm exhausted after a weekend of minimal sleep and cross country travel, so a proper write-up will follow. Threw some pics up on Tumblr for anyone that wants a peek at the many adventures of Frankenstein the Holy Mother until then!

But now... now I'm going to sleep forever. Or at least until I have to get up for work.

1st May, 2015


Frankie Goes To Nottingham

I've been quiet again lately, sorry. Not by choice - I've got a trapped nerve in one hand and it's made typing painful over the last week or so. It's easing off a bit but I'm still waiting on a referral to a physio because it's been so bad.

but that's not what's important now what's important now is DIMENSION JUMP IS TODAY and I'm posting this just before I run off to last minute pack and get myself to Nottingham. I'm nervous, because I've never been to a con in my life and I've heard so much scary stuff about cons. But I'm sure it'll be fun and Red Dwarf does have a nice low drama fandom, so it'll be a good time.

Also Frankenstein is coming along with me. Photos to come when I get back! I'll probably be scarce until Monday, but if I get time to drop in and say hello I will.

22nd Apr, 2015

tea rex

still working on the rolling into a ball thing

Google says I'm a pangolin for Earth Day. I can live with that.

I kind of want to make a doll of one of these, but the scales...

6th Apr, 2015


Personal Easter

Easter doesn't mean much for me beyond a couple of extra days off, I admit. Sometimes it's kind of sad, not having any sort of markers during the year, thing set aside from usual life. Just a couple of days when you don't work. Not that I'm complaining about those, but...

But it's a nice day today. The sun was out. I did some reading through my Random draft and attacked it with the red pen whilst sitting in a sunbeam, and okay, now I see why cats like it so much. Sitting in sunbeams, that is, not attacking things with a red pen. Unless maybe they're one of those polydactyls with an extra opposable digit, then you watch out.

I've just been out to do some writing for Camp, and when I got outside, it was the first day of the year in which I didn't have to wear a coat. Nevermind not wearing a coat, it's practically t-shirt weather out there right now! I took an extra long walk through the park, past the pond (there's a swan couple nesting right now!) and through the trees. And you know, maybe that's how I like to mark things. The first day of the year where you don't have to wear a coat. It means something, doesn't it?

I guess if you don't have traditions, you can always make your own.

5th Apr, 2015

tuxedo cat

Camp etc

Camp is going really well! I'm doing 20K this month. I find it odd that I can't commit to the full 50K outside of November. Maybe that sort of thing was only meant to happen once a year.

I've done a lot of writing in the coffeeshops in town, and I don't give a toss if you think it's cliche or pretentious, because it works!

Today was pretty good. I made a cake! Except for some reason my cakes seem to turn out underdone in the middle and I'm not sure why. I don't think it's just temperature, because turning it down doesn't seem to help. At least they're still tasty.

I also dug out my printed copy of Random, assigned a first chapter, and attacked it with a red pen. I'm excited! I'm not very good at editing, if I'm honest, but I feel good about this story. I'm actually pretty pleased with the first draft, so I at least feel like I have a good beginning to work from. Hoping to get it posted soon. Might put it on RaTs/RF, not sure yet. I'll see! It'll definitely go on AO3 at least. I wonder if they'll understand if I put "NaNoWriMo" as a fandom...

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